Procranstination & Self Sabotage

The only time I ever update my blog here is when I am supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else. Sometimes, you get out of something when you wait long enough that it is then too late. I guess that is one reason I tend to procrastinate. But it’s not like I don’t know I will be paying the price for it later. Sigh.

Why do I sabotage myself? I am a very self-aware person, but this is one question I still struggle with. At least I recognize that I am doing it. But why? Until I figure this out, it’s not going to stop being a problem. Time for some inner reflection. Not like I don’t do enough of that already. I am definitely an introspective person. This self-sabotage thing is something I’ve battled for many years. It’s time that I figure this thing out so I can rise above it and continue to improve myself.

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