Breeding the Best Pokemon: Pidgey

Right now, I am in the process of having only one of each Pokemon, and having it be the best of it’s kind. LOL. I am playing Pokemon Pearl, and I do not have wifi for it right now, nor do I have any GBA Pokemon games to enhance my current game. So I am limited on which pokemon I can acquire at the moment, in-game pokemon only.

I am starting at the beginning, which means #16 in the national Pokedex, Pidgey. First off: breeding a Pidgey egg. I choose to hatch my perfect Pidgey from an egg instead of catching one for a couple of reasons. Hatched pokemon are said to have better stats than ones caught in the wild. But my main reason for hatching my Pidgey is for the egg moves. This way, my Pidgey can learn moves that it could not know otherwise, and can also learn moves earlier than it would normally.

To breed my Pidgey, I have to have a female Pidgey so that is will leave a Pidgey egg. Done. A wild female Pidgey can be caught during a mass outbreak on Route 229. I already had a female Pidgey, so I did not have to wait for another mass outbreak.

I need to know what moves are available to breed into my hatched Pidgey, and then decide which one(s) I want my Pidgey to have.

Here are all the “egg moves” available to be bred into a hatched Pidgey, and which male pokemon you will need to breed it with in order to give your hatched Pidgey that specific move (note: the male will have to actually already know the move before he can pass it on to the egg!):

Air Cutter: Farfetch’d, Skarmory or Zubat

Air Slash: Pidgey

Brave Bird: Starly

Faint Attack: Murkrow

Foresight: Hoothoot

Pursuit: Doduo, Murkrow, Spearow or Wingull

Steel Wing: a male within the flying breeding group that has learned this TM

Uproar: Chatot or Doduo

I chose to make my pidgey be bred knowing the move Brave Bird, so I chose a male Starly that knew Brave Bird to breed my female Pidgey with. I also wanted my Pidgey to know Steel Wing. Here’s where the problem was: I did not have a Starly that knew Steel Wing. I also did not have another TM available to use on the Starly. What to do?

Here’s what I did. I found that I had taught a male Skarmory Steel Wing. Great!

So I went to the Day Care in Solaceon Town, and stored a female Starly with my male Skarmory that knew Steel Wing. Rode on my bike up and down through the town until I got an egg. Took the egg, rode up and down through town some more to hatch it. I repeated this until I hatched a male Starly. The hatched Starly knew Steel Wing! Awesome.

But to breed with my female Pidgey, he also needed to learn Brave Bird. Starly learns Brave Bird at level 37. So, in order to get a suitable male to breed a Pidgey with Steel Wing AND Brave Bird, I was gonna have to raise it to a level 37 just so he could be a baby daddy! Ok, fine. I Did that.

Now I had my male Starly with the moves Brave Bird and Steel Wing. Here we go. I then placed a female Pidgey in the Daycare with this male Starly. At the time, I was not sure if they hatched Pidgey would learn Steel Wing or not. But sure enough, I was then breeding Pidgey that knew both Brave Bird and Steel wing! Kick ass. Now I can go on to train my new Pidgey, level him up to learn even more new moves and become stronger & be the best Pidgey it can be!

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